Internal Financial Statments


Gregory, Roman & Associates provides our expertise for you to quickly get a handle on the financial strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities of your business. We prepare a comprehensive financial statement and ensure that they meet the regulations under which your business functions. All of our credible team members strive to form a strong, genuine relationship with our clients; this means taking the time to learn and understand your business’s goals and objectives so we can proactively prepare your financial statement.


We thoroughly assess your business so we can identify and analyze any financial trends and provide insight into professional developments within your business. Our financial statements are designed to assist you in budgeting, predicting and planning for the future, and taking proactive steps in boosting productivity.

Our Financial Statement services coupled along with our business consulting and tax planning services will position your company to achieve your short and long term goals.

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Through an organized and efficient process, we prepare a detailed and often confidential financial statement for the managers and directors of your firm. Our extensive experience and vast knowledge in the field of government accounting allows us to obtain data for accurate finance reporting.


We provide the information you need to monitor the results of your firm’s operations so you can make strategic short and long term plans. This includes preparing monthly and quarterly financial analysis, a balance sheet, and profit and loss statements.


Our assessment of your business will strengthen your financial systems and controls, provide credibility and confidence in your financial reporting, reinforce your management initiatives, help you better anticipate the impact of any regulation/rule changes on your business, and aid you in communicating more proactively with stakeholders.

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