Audit Representation


Receiving an IRS audit notification can be extremely stressful because it requires a lot of labor to recall and prepare extensive amounts of records to justify and validate every item on your tax return, in turn taking valuable time away from your life and your business. And despite all the work you may put into representing yourself or your business, you may still be hit with a hefty bill for a tax deficiency!


The IRS, and all states, allows you to have an authorized representative during an income tax audit or examination. We have the specific credentials and the permission to practice required, as well as years of technical expertise and field experience, to help you prepare all requested documents and handle all the correspondence to the IRS or state. We know that your time and your business is invaluable, so we minimize any correspondence you will have with the IRS; in fact, rarely do our clients ever have to deal with the IRS because we handle your audit from start to finish. We take the time to comprehensively review all your previous tax returns, clarify any issues, and prepare any amended tax returns. By analyzing each situation, tax laws, and regulations concerning your audit, we help you strategically tackle the situation at hand.

Trigger a Red Flag?

There are several factors that can trigger a correspondence audit or a field audit. For instance, some returns are selected when they involve specific issues or transactions for taxpayers, business partners, or investors. It seems as if it is only a matter a time before you are audited, so when it happens, know that we stand behind our work.

Know Your Rights

We strongly believe in going into an audit confident and fully prepared, and it starts with knowing your rights as a taxpayer. You have the right to privacy and complete confidentiality in your tax matters. You should know why they are asking you for the information, what they will do with it once they have it, and what kind of penalties, if any, you will face if you do not provide the requested information. Once you have received this information, you have the right to an authorized representative to face the audit and appeal any disagreements you may have with the IRS or the court. Know that you can count on us to fully prepare you to defend yourself.

Know Your Possible Outcomes

We will accompany you to any meetings with organizations to represent you and your concerns, which will hopefully result in no change. If you are faced with changes and you choose to agree to these changes, we can help you face any consequences and smoothly transition you to the best possible results of the audit. If you disagree to any changes and wish to dispute them, we have the expertise to help you appeal the initial conclusion and strategically present your dispute. Regardless of what the outcome may be, our associates will walk every step of the way with you to help relieve the stress and make the process much more bearable (and less expensive).

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