Building a solid bookkeeping and accounting function for any business is necessary foundation to ensuring efficiency and avoiding costly business and financial mistakes. Simply put, every business needs a bookkeeping function. The importance of timely and reliable, and relevant data is the lifeblood on any organization. Neglecting this important function or hiring unqualified bookkeepers can be a costly mistake. Whether it be in increased tax preparation costs, since your books aren’t in proper order, or in your business decisions, as you do not have timely and relevant data to rely upon. Bookkeeping is just a small part of accounting in general, but it is a needed place to start, especially for small business owners who desire business success and growth. Bookkeeping is crucial to both small and big businesses alike, as increased compliance requirements by governmental entities and they need to comply with loan underwriting or covenants exists for every business.


We will either obtain your data and record your transactions from statements you provide, or we will pull your data from your financial institution and import, enter and classify the relevant transactions. We like to structure everything around your needs and wants. We can streamline your data flow and tailor a plan around your business needs. Our services include interim bookkeeping maintenance and bank reconciliations (monthly or quarterly), generating and recording data on the general ledger, and properly classifying transactions in the relevant accounts according to best practices.

Dedicated and Certified Team Member

You’ll have the support of a dedicated team member from our staff assigned to your business as the main point of contact and lead accountant to your business books. We will get to know your business and manage your books for you, as well as help provide general tax/accounting support. We do not outsource your accounting overseas or to a lower cost outside company. Everything is handled by us in house to ensure quality of work and your data security.

Monthly accounting packages starting at $400/mo. or $50/hour for basic bookkeeping & accounting services.


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Paper FREE!

Say bye bye to receipts! Use our mobile app to upload photos of documents, scan them to your client portal or mail them to us – we’ll do the scanning for you!

CPA’s You Can Count On

Our dedicated team can help you navigate the series of forks in the road of running a business. We have a WEALTH of knowledge to share including our award winning professional network.

Top Notch Security

Protect your bookkeeping data behind our 256-bit encrypted secure storage. We take extraordinary measures to ensure your data security isimpenetrable.

Certified Professionals On Your Side

It takes more than software to get your books in order. You’ll have a certified professional ensuring it’s done right the first time!

Know Your Numbers

Analyze your financial package to make the necessary business decisions. We offer industry relevant feedback to add meaning to your numbers. Just ask!

Tax Support

Since you now have clean books we can process your tax returns without added clean up costs.


Bank Reconciliations

Bank reconciliation allows you to keep an eye on your business and track its financial progress. It will identify lost checks and lost deposits, regularly monitors the cash flow of your business, ensures segregation of duties, and prevents and detects embezzlement of your company funds. If your numbers are not reconciled than you are merely guessing, and this can lead to thousands and thousands of dollars in lost profit down the road.

Income Statement Preparation

An Income Statement determines the performance of your business and identifies trends in your business operations so you can make any necessary changes. It sees your profits or losses and pinpoints which expenses are bleeding your bottom line. It can also determine your potential income tax liability.

Balance Sheet Statement Preparation

A Balance Sheet Statement will allow you to identify and analyze any important trends to help you determine if you should expand. It also takes a snapshot of your company’s financial position at a specified date. This can help you take any necessary steps to increase cash flow and think of new ways to be proactive in your business functions.


Our accountants take pride in the fact that our full range of accounting and bookkeeping services help you save time and money so that you can concentrate on running your business.

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