CFO Services


Why CFO services? Your business is growing and along with it, the complexity of its financial situations. Having to spend time focusing on just the financial activities and operations of your business is becoming time consuming and is taking up valuable energy and resources away from running your actual business. And you might not have the in-house financial experience to effectively interpret all the numbers and thus strategize towards both short and long-term goals.



Our team of Orlando based CFOs is dedicated to working with you in overseeing its financial activities and driving towards improving business operations and increasing your bottom line. Our broader knowledge base will help you add meaning to your numbers; we help you assess all your financial risks as well as help you find opportunities to grow and analyze all your trends to increase revenue and profitability. But our CFO services is more than just crunching out numbers. We provide a comprehensive performance indicator analysis which includes: financial statement preparation/reporting, leading indicators, cash flow analysis, employee productivity analysis, benchmarking, budget analysis, internal control analysis, profit improvement, and establishing accounting systems and controls.

Tax Preparation

Avoid overlooking tax deductions and tax credits that your hard work has entitled your business to. We will help prepare your returns as well as your bookkeeping for the year.

Tax Planning

We work with your specific financial needs and expectations to create a proactive tax planning strategy for your business.

Business Consulting

We provide you forward thinking solutions to all your problems so that your business can stay floating on top of shark-infested waters.


We don’t stop at just CFO services. We provide the whole package. After experiencing timely, reliable, and honest services from our friendly and approachable Grant, Roman & Associates team, you won’t want to look anywhere else for all your other needs. Come experience why companies from Central Florida and throughout the United States have made the switch to us to render CFO services.

It may not be cost-effective or possible to hire a full-time CFO. In fact, big companies will outsource their CFO Services to other companies, so why not get the source directly through us at a cheaper rate for a lesser risk?

Don’t face tough decisions on how to keep your company thriving and what you can do make your business grow alone. Our CFO will keep your company on a solid path moving forward.

Are you ready for a change?

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