Estate, Trust and Gift Tax Planning and Preparation


ely on our credible team of professionals to help you protect and safeguard the estate you have worked so hard your whole life to establish. Securing a proper estate plan will help protect your loved ones from the stress, problems, and high costs involved with probate court and will deliver clear instructions when you have passed. Or are you interested in making a gift and you are unsure whether you owe a tax on it? We help you determine whether you owe any taxes and file any necessary paperwork. Or maybe you are interested in arranging a trust? If set up incorrectly, it can cause you to lose any tax deferred benefits and require you to cash out the retirement accounts within 5 years and become subject to individual income tax rates.

Don’t let this happen. Our experienced CPAs ensure that you choose and arrange your trust so that the legacy you desire is fulfilled according to your specific wishes.


Estate, trust, & gift tax planning and preparation can be a lengthy process that can be done incorrectly leading to costly mistakes for you and your beneficiaries.

Shield Your Assets

We will help you break down the components of estate planning and guide you through each part so you can ultimately learn strategies to help protect your assets and beneficiaries. This includes preparing Certificates of Trust, Will/Trust Documentation, HIPAA Directives, Advanced Directives, Asset Titling, Personal Property Distribution, and Pour Over Will(s). Our comprehensive estate planning services will also include Durable Powers of Attorney and a Living Will or Health-Care Proxy (Medical Power of Attorney) so that your directives will be clearly understood in the chance you become incapacitated.

Want to Gift?

Know the Gift Tax Laws! The federal gift tax is perhaps the most commonly misunderstood of all taxes. There are limitations on how much you can gift annually without being taxed and there are certain gifts that have an unlimited gift amount, provided that they meet certain requirements, such as gifts of educational or medical expenses. Our associates can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages to making a gift, determine whether your gift requires you to pay taxes, and aid you in reporting/filing a Form 709: U.S. Gift (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Return.

Setting up a Trust is Good for Everyone, Not Only for the Rich!

The benefits of organizing a trust make it worthwhile for you to look into. Putting in a trust allows for a tax-deferred basis and still allows it to grow, potentially reduces estate taxes, protects your assets from creditors, and may allow your beneficiaries to gain access to these assets more quickly than if they had to gain access through a will. It also allows you to control exactly how you want your assets to be treated and provides an increased level of protection and flexibility.

How important is for you to trust your accountant?

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