Financial Planning


A financial planner will typically prepare financial plans for his/her clients, and the types of services that financial planners offer vary widely. Some financial planners assess every aspect of your financial life and produce savings, investments, insurance, taxes, retirement, and estate plans.


Gregory, Roman & Associates knows that financial planning isn’t just a product. It is a careful process of providing advice and assistance to aid you in accomplishing your financial goals. And we make it personal. Our Orlando based financial planning team works with you to help develop a detailed and organized financial strategies to meet all your financial goals. Our friendly and approachable team brings to the table a level of professionalism, expertise, and experience and promises to listen to all your values, demands, and concerns so we can produce the perfect plans that take into account your entire financial situation together. And not only do we help you pick and create different plans for every aspect of your financial life, but we teach you different strategies to manage your money effectively, keep you informed of changes in any federal and state rules or regulations that may affect your financial plans in the future, and increase your confidence in making financial choices that truly align your wealth to your values.

Retirement Planning and Analysis

We take the time to analyze every retirement plan that represents your unique needs and piece together the right fragments to create the perfect custom model of tax savings and retirement benefits.

College Planning

Our financial counselors lend prudent tax, cash flow, financial, and lending advice that helps families plan for college tuition costs.

Estate Planning

We help you secure a proper estate plan that will safeguard the estate you’ve worked so hard to establish and protect your beneficiaries.

Financial Protection

After all the hard work of planning out your financial life, you don’t want unforeseeable events to disturb or even damage your financial future. Financial planning means taking into account what canhappen. We help you find the proper insurances against anything that has the potential to upset your financial future.

There is a wealth of information out there on how to effectively achieve different financial goals. Make sure you aren’t reading the wrong information and get reliable, correct, up-to-date information from a dependable source. Our personal approach will ensure that you achieve all your financial goals and safeguard against picking the wrong financial plan that does not take into account your complete financial picture (i.e.: your cash, liabilities, protection, taxes and investments). By hiring one of our Orlando based financial planners, you are not just gaining a quick and easy one-time solution service, but rather a partner that is just as passionate, concerned, and involved in your financial security and success so that you can enjoy spending your time doing what you love, stress-free, with the people you love.

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