Litigation Support

Business disputes can be complex and demanding, and in turn lawsuits can be costly and hostile. Gregory, Roman & Associates’ CPAs partners with you to deliver comprehensive, affordable, and sophisticated litigation support in all stages of litigation and dispute resolution. As your strategic partner, we thoroughly analyze all financial documents connected with the case to collect evidence to support your case as well as find any leverage to use against your opponent. This includes carefully reviewing the financial damages report prepared by the opposing party’s expert witness to find and identify any flaws in the opposition’s analysis; by quickly finding these mistakes, we can damage their expert’s credibility and prompt a settlement.

While we are qualified as expert witnesses in both Federal and State courts and offer our expertise in representing you in your lawsuit or legal dispute, we go beyond the call of duty as your witnesses. We provide honest and dependable litigation support as an integrated member of your team and promise diligence, loyalty, and perseverance to ensure that you achieve the best outcome.

Rely on Your Orlando Tax Litigation Support Team For Every Phase:


We prepare document requests, design and implement financial investigative plans, deliver an in-depth analysis of damage claims, and prepare reliable and timely financial models.


We provide high-quality and accurate Deposition & Examinations Under Oath services.


We help you reach Settlement Negotiations that reflect the rigorous amount of work and effort we invested to reach the best possible outcome.

Don’t waste any more time in preparing for you lawsuit or legal dispute. Get the ball rolling now and talk to one of our litigation support consultants today.

Having the knowledge, insight, and loyalty of our experienced professionals by your side during what can be a long and drawn-out process is absolutely essential when you are in need of forensic accounting and litigation support services. Our Orlando based CPAs provide invaluable support and advice in lawsuits involving business damages and will work alongside you as your litigation support consultant from beginning to end to ensure you go into it with the best possible odds and walk away with the best possible outcome.

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